Giganticus Headicus

(This article appears in Issue #4 of Americana Magazine, Gone Are The Days, written and photographed by Margaret Malandruccolo)


It was a quiet early morning. I’d been on Route 66 for about three days and had just left Kingman, AZ, heading north. I hadn’t travelled alone in many years and I was really settling in to the peace and quiet.

Out of the blue, on the horizon, I saw the giant figure. Getting closer, I saw it was a giant green head (!!) resembling a Tiki god, similar to the monoliths on Easter Island. The 14-foot-tall statue is called Giganticus Headicus and it’s the creation of Gregg Arnold, a migrant from New Jersey. It is located at the old Kozy Korner trailer park complex, and in 2004 was sculpted of metal, wood, chicken wire, styrofoam and cement.

A certified welder by trade, “The creativity just flew there,” said Arnold. “I always wanted a place like that and I thought,


“What better place than Route 66? I want this for artists, painters, poets, whatever their outlet is.” It was very quiet while I was there, not a soul in site. I had been wandering around the Headicus and the cool old red Mustang for 15 minutes or so, wishing there was a café booth to sit and soak it all in, when the neighboring motel room door opened a crack and a little pug ran out, cute as a button with a scruffy little bark. He took his time, came to visit me, wandered around like he owned the place and stubbornly refused to go back inside when his owner called him from the distance.


In addition to Giganticus are giant robotic ants that “crawl” on the outside walls of a windmill-type creation, and many other little signs and designs that immerse you in the feeling that aliens are watching.

The views of the Grand Wash Cliffs and Peacock mountains are breathtaking from this spot. If you have the time and are making your way along the Route, definitely stop for a quick photo op. Located on Route 66 at the corner of Antares Road, it is just 14 miles north of the Kingman Airport between Valle Vista Golf Course and Hackberry.

Way to go Route 66. You do not disappoint. I wish there were more of these unexpected surprises in my daily life! Thank you Gregg Arnold!



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