About Me

Born as an only child to Italian-immigrant parents , Margaret Malandruccolo grew up in a little automotive town in Canada, quickly developing a fondness for cars,  rust and scrap metal.  Her parents instilled in her a love for travel, great food & wine, and a life behind the lens.

“Romance” is the strongest trait in her film and photography work, given the love for her Italian heritage.  She has a cinematic approach to conveying emotion, an incredible technical background in lighting and camera work, and a sincere connection with her subjects.  Her signature style uses bold colors and dramatic lighting, while stealing a glimpse into the often-hidden emotional world of her subjects.

Climbing the ranks through photography, camera assisting, editing and cinematography, her sacrifices and years of workaholic stress paid off in working with exceptional talents such as Avril Lavigne, DJ Tiesto, Tony Ward, Renee Russo, Colm Wilkinson, and Dwight Yoakam, directing numerous #1 videos throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada as well as establishing such advertising clients as Canon Cameras, General Motors, Hyatt Hotels, Puma Sportswear, and Molson Beer.

Now living in Los Angeles (but getting back to New York and Toronto as often as possible), Margaret furthers her photography work in advertising and entertainment while embarking upon more film projects.

She has directed over 60 music videos, won two Juno Awards and two CCMA Awards among numerous others.  She returns over and over to her still photography roots, grounding herself in a focused chaos.

And always dreams of the day she’ll run away to Italy.





  1. And a very good evening to you! I have had the good fortune to be in LA the past few days promoting Cape Breton at a Golden Globe gifting suite and my colleague has just sent me your wonderful link re: your visit and the shoot in Cape Breton.. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts on our special destination so beautifully! Here’s hoping that there will be another opportunity for you to return again before too long.. Kind regards, mary tulle.. ceo destination cape breton 🙂

  2. John Howley

    You captured the beauty of my native Cape Breton wonderfully in pictures, and the people equally so in words. Thank you!

  3. Gerald Butts

    Very well done re Cape Breton, my home island. I’d be interested in buying one or two of your photos. Do you have them online? Are they for sale?

  4. John Howley

    I would be delighted to share my CB pics with you. I have many digital photos of the Island from the mid-90s to more recently. You can easily reach me at jghowley@rogers.com.

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